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•Anti-dryness - This hairgrowth hydrating spray is infused with the finest ingredients to help moisturize your hair for a longer time

•Stimulates Hair growth- Rosemary extract,Amla Extract, Aloe Vera,Lavender are great ingredients infused to stimulate hair growth, promoting blood circulation and Regrowing healthy hair cells.

If you suffer from hair dryness,breakage or shedding,Tangled hair and Stunted or stagnant growth,This Hydating hair growth mist Is the remedy, It Made of 8 ingredients best for the growth and moisture of your hair,This will leave your hair weightless and smooth.


Aloe Vera,Rosemary extract,Nettle Leaf extract, Amla oil, Vegetable glycerin,Lavender essential oil,Distilled water,Jamaica castor oil. 

Use twice daily for desired result.


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